Learning Log -Flickr Slide Shows


Virtual tours as conducted through Flickr seem to me to be the best and most complete use of Flickr’s educational potential.  The photographs in my slide show directly connect to Standard 2A of the National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies, under the content heading of United States History.  As the photographs provide a digital tour of a museum focused on Gettysburg, the photos literal aid students in “identifying the turning points of the war and evaluate how political, military, and diplomatic leadership affected the outcome of the conflict.”  This slide show also focuses on a direct outcome of the war that students might find particularly fascinating – the fates of orphans of Union soldiers.  (The building that the photos were taken in is part of the original War Orphans home set up after the Civil War.)  I believe that this slide show, with a narrative voice over, would make an excellent digital tour of an interesting museum that is often overlooked in physical tours of Gettysburg.







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